Penni Cannady, APN-BC

Nurse Practitioner located in Jackson, TN & Dyersburg, TN

About Penni Cannady, ANP-BC

Penni Cannady, ANP-BC, is a board-certified nurse practitioner at Heart & Vascular Center of West Tennessee, with its offices in Jackson, Dyersburg, Adamsville, the Delta Clinic in Lexington, and the McKenzie Medical Center in McKenzie, Tennessee.  She practices as a primary care provider at Cannady Medical Center in Dyersburg. Cannady Medical Center, like Heart & Vascular Center of West Tennessee, is a subsidiary of Delta Clinics.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee at Martin and her master’s degree in Nursing from Vanderbilt University. She began her career in medicine working as a registered nurse at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. She was also employed as a registered nurse at Regional Cardiology on a part-time basis for several years concurrently.

She then transitioned to work as a hospital supervisor at Gibson General Hospital and continued to practice there until the completion of her master's degree. She completed internships at the Primary Care Center in Trenton and Heart and Vascular Center of West Tennessee, where she began practicing as a cardiovascular nurse practitioner. She was simultaneously employed on a part-time basis as a nurse practitioner at Professional Health Services for several years providing mental health services. She continued working at the Heart & Vascular Center of West Tennessee before launching Cannady Medical Center to provide primary care services.